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2020 *


Our Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream rippled with Black Cherry Sauce and Italian Amaretti biscuits

American Cream Soda.

American Cream Soda Flavoured Luxury Ice Cream

Apple Crumble.

Chunks of Bramley Apples with Crumble Pieces


Apricot flavoured Luxury Ice Cream with Apricot Fruit

Baked Alaska.

Luxury Vanilla with Strawbery Fruit Ripple & Meringue Pieces


Creamy Banana Flavour Ice Cream with Banana Ripple Sauce

Banana Choc Chip.

Creamy Banana flavour with Chocolate Chip Pieces

Banoffi Fudge.

Banana Ice Cream with Fudge pieces and Toffee Sauce


Wafer and Chocolate Ice Cream (Kinder Beuno)

Blackberries & Cream.

Blackberry & Cream Ice Cream

Blackcurrant Cheesecake.

Blackburrant Cheesecake Ice Cream with Oat Pieces

Blue Heaven.

Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream with Meringue pieces and Bubble Gum Sauce

Blueberry Pie.

Blueberry Fruit in Luxury Ice Cream with Oat Crunch

Bounty Coconut.

Chocolate & Coconut Ice Cream

Bubble Gum.

Cool Bright Blue Bubble Gum Flavour Ice Cream


Kinder Beuno flavoured Ice Cream


Creamy Butterscotch flavour Ice Cream 

Canadian Maple.

Canadian Maple Flavour Ice Cream

Candy Floss.

A Fair Ground favourite


A Coffee and Cream combination for the coffee connoisseur

Caramel Crunch.

Creamy Caramel Ice Cream with Toffee Crunch Pieces

Cherry Bakewell.

Cherry Bakewell Ice Cream contains Almonds.

Cherry Italia.

Luxury Vanilla with Amarena Cherry Ripple

Cherry Mania.

Luxury Cherry flavours with Stracciatella

Choc & Nut.

Luxury Vanilla with Chocolate ripple sauce and nuts

Choc Ripple.

Luxury Vanilla Cream with Choc Ripple


Chocolate - For Chocoholics everywhere …..


Chocolate and creamy banana Ice Cream marbled together.

Crème Egg.

Delicious Crème Eggs are used to flavour this Easter treat (only available April)

Christmas Pudding.

Luxury fruit mincemeat flavoured Ice Cream with a dash of brandy (only available Dec).

Cinder Toffee.

Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream with chunks of Cinder Toffee


Coconut Ice Cream with Coconut pieces

Cookies & Cream.

Chocolate Cookies in Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream

Crème Egg.

Delicious Crème Eggs are used to flavour this Easter treat (only available April)


Doughnut flavoured ice cream



Luxury Raspberry and Vanilla marbled Ice Cream 

Eaton Mess.

Luxury Vanilla with Meringue & Raspberry fruit

Forest Fruit.

Strawberry, Raspberry, Bilberry and Blackberry Fruit combination

Freddibo Star Mix.

Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream with a Raspberry Fruit Ripple and "Haribo" sweets

Fruit Salad.

Like the little sweeties from your childhood, a Pinapple and raspberry combination

Game of Cones.

Toffee Ice Cream, Cookie pieces and White Chocolate marbling


Grapefruit Ice Cream


Luxury Hazelnut flavoured Ice Cream 


Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate covered Honeycomb

Irn Bru.

Irn Bru Ice Ccream

Jammie Dodger.

Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream with Strawberry Ripple and Crumble Pieces

Key Lime Pie

Lime Fruit flavoured Ice Cream with Oat Pieces


Kiwi Fruit flavoured Ice Cream

Kurly Wurly.

Toffee Flavoured Luxury Ice Cream with Toffee Sauce, Choc Fudge Balls and Choc Pieces

Lemon Cheesecake.

Lemon Ice Cream with Oat Crunch Pieces

Lemon Curd.

Tangy Lemon Curd Ice Cream 

Lemon Meringue.

Tongue Twisting Tangy Lemon Ice Cream with Meringue Pieces


Liquorice luxury Ice Cream.

Liquorice and Black.

Liquorice Luxury Ice Cream with Blackcurrant Ripple

Lotus Biscoff

Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream with Biscoff pieces and Biscoff spread.


Mango Fruit Flavour Luxury Ice Cream with Mango Ripple


Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream with Raspberry Sauce and Mini Marshmallows

Mint Choc Chip.

Award winning Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Pieces 

Mini Egg

(only Available April)

Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream with Mini Eggs and Creme Egg sauce.

Mocha Choca.

Luxury Chocolate and Coffee Ice Cream

Orange Chocolate Chip.

Orange Flavoured Luxury Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips

Orange Tiger.

Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream rippled with Orange sauce and Chocolate pieces

Palma Violet.

Palma violet flavoured Ice Cream


Luxury Peach flavoured Ice Cream

Passion fruit.

Passion Fruit flavoured Ice Cream

Peanut Butter Swirl

Luxury Vanilla with Peanut Butter marbling.

Pear Drop.

Pear Drop flavoured Ice Cream

Pralines & Cream 

Luxury Vanilla with caramel sauce and praline nuts.


Luxury Pineapple flavoured Ice Cream


Real Pistachio Nut flavoured Ice Cream 


Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream with Lime Ripple and Rainbow Drops


Luxury Raspberry flavoured Ice Cream

Raspberry Pavlova.

Raspberry Ice Cream with Meringue Pieces

Raspberry Ripple.

Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream rippled with our Specially Blended Raspberry Sauce

Rhubarb Crumble.

Luxury Rhubarb Ice Cream with Oat Crumble


Chocolate & Nut ice cream (Ferrerro Rocher style)

Rum & Raisin.

Rum Flavour Luxury Ice Cream with Juicy Californian Raisins

Salted Caramel.

Salted Caramel flavoured Ice Cream

Mixed Fruit.

"Sshh..." we carn't tell you that this was once called Vimmto style!


Childhood favourite a sweet sensation


Choclate and Nut luxury Ice Cream with Caramel sauce


Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream Rippled with Layers of Chocolate


Real Fruit Strawberry Ice Cream.

Swirl (Nutella).

Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream with hazelnut marbling.

Toffee Apple.

Apple flavoured Ice Cream with Toffee pieces (only available Nov)

Toffee Fudge.

Creamy Toffee Ice Cream with Chunky Fudge Pieces

Toffee Ripple Crunch.

Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream with Sticky Toffee Sauce and Toffee Crunch Pieces

Treacle Toffee.

Treacle Toffee Luxury Ice Cream (only available Nov)

Turkish Delight.

Full of Eastern Promise

Tutti Frutti.

A Real Fruit Combination

Vanilla Luxury.

The Traditional Classic

White Chocolate Chunk.

Luxury Vanilla Ice Cream with White Chocolate Drops

* All contain some traces of nuts other contain nuts where described.

** You must always make the server aware and on your booking form and indicate your guests allergies.

***Upon booking always state on your booking form guests who may have allergies. Anyone being served must make the server aware of any allergies.

Flavoured Sorbets - Fat Free & Diary Free 2021


Forest Fruit





Vegan/Dairy Free Flavours for 2021

Oreo Cookie

Soya based Ice Cream with Oreo Cookie.

Vanilla Pod

Soya based Vanilla Ice Cream.


Soya based Strawberry Ice Cream. 

Cinder Toffee

Soya based Ice Cream with Cinder Toffee.

What is Kulfi?

Kulfi is the South Asian version of Ice Cream. The unique flavour comes from the boiling process, the reaction between the milk sugars and milk proteins cause it to become caramalised. Thus flavours the milk and reduces to a fudgey like texture, it is enhanced with fruits, nuts* and flavourings then frozen. It is usually served in handy tubs.

* May contain nuts and always check or make the server away of any allergies guests may have it is your responsibility to do so and also state on your booking form.

Flavours 2021






Traditionally Kulfi is not served with any toppings only in tubs


To discuss your event requirements please contact:- 

Graham and Lisa Thewlis-Hardy

TEL:- 0795 428 6770